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"Charlotte's skills as a trainer in communication skills are different and unique. They focus on how to make a complete and lasting impression and build empathy with an audience; on how to connect with every individual in a room; on how to generate charisma and energy. It opened up huge insights and awareness for me. Hugely recommended."

Philip Coleman, Partner, Deloitte


"I think I would say that the day and a half with you was the best formal training I have ever received in any discipline."

Duncan Scott, Managing Director, Bank of America


"My CEO said ‘transformational'. The coaching made a huge difference. The event went very well and I have already had a call this morning from a prospect wanting to talk about potential work."

Sallie Pilot, Director of Research and Strategy, Black Sun


"The sessions have been absolutely superb. Real light bulb moments! Many thanks to you and the team."

Daniel Rona, Partner, Accenture


"A great coaching experience. Practical, realistic, challenging and - ultimately and importantly really helpful. Thoroughly recommended."

Hugh Shields, Managing Director, Finance, Credit Suisse


"I signed by for Edie Lush's course at the How To Academy  and was very impressed by the immediate and vivid way she showed what worked - and what did not- when public speaking. I learnt a great deal. As I had a debate coming up I asked her for one on one coaching. She was tremendously helpful both with the speech itself and how I should deliver it. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She makes you, almost, enjoy yourself!"

Harriet Sergeant, Journalist


"Thank you Charlotte for teaching me great presentation skills from the art of content writing to image projection techniques as well as helping me to develop and assert my leadership skills. You have really boosted my confidence, abilities and my improved performance has been noted by key business stakeholders. Thank you also for being such a pleasure to work with."

Sandra Brunet, Head of Marketing, Jack Daniel's Family of Brands, UK


"I got through and in no small part due to your help! Thanks so much for all your help. It certainly worked."

Fiona Syer, Director, Deloitte


"Charlotte/ Edie,
I just wanted to THANK YOU for getting me ready for my big presentation yesterday.
You have really understood what I was trying to do and helped me find the right words, attitude whilst staying true to myself and I think this is what worked for the audience. The email below (not the only one!) says it all. It has been a real pleasure doing this with you."

Isabelle Allen, Global Head of Sales and Markets, KPMG


"The most beneficial course I have attended. High quality one on one tuition that was focused on my individual needs and developed ideas and thoughts that I had never explored. This was previously my weakest area but the coaching has helped me become comfortable and confident when dealing with any communication environment. I find myself using many of the skills in my daily management duties."

Neil Swinburne, Managing Director, Head of European Trading Securities, Prime Finance, Citi

"I found the whole thing very, very helpful. The techniques add so much more than just increasing your presentation and communication skills. They increase confidence, presence and charisma."

Andrew Kinsey, Vice President, Citi


"Charlotte brought out the best in each of our team but they always remained themselves rather than an artificial creation. She also built up their confidence enormously by showing them how to listen, empathise and build a strong relationship with the client they were pitching to."

Ted Awty, Chairman, Client Service Board, KPMG LLP

"Charlotte is knowledgeable, warm, resourceful, but most importantly well aware of the reality of the business world. I've learned in a day and a half with her what otherwise would have taken me at least ten years of practice and experience."

Simina Milesi, Global Markets, KPMG


"I just wanted to thank you so much for today's course. AMAZING. A different league from the previous one I'd attended. Edie blew me away - such a fantastic speaker, utterly inspiring and I am sure I wasn't alone in having left feeling very buoyed up by her advice and practical help."

Alice Chadwyck-Healey, Executive Director


"The sessions with Hugo were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. The analysis and techniques applied were a real eye-opener and showed me how little it takes to make a huge difference. I'm sure this will not only help me to improve as a communicator but come across as more confident and dynamic."

Janelle Settle, Wealth Management, UBS


"Charlotte has an ability to coach both teams and individuals to maximise their personal impact at all levels. As a result of her style and development techniques, I have no hesitation in recommending her to all aspiring high performance teams and individuals."

Dr Stephen Christie, Partner, Ernst & Young


"The two days were a revelation. I can thoroughly recommend Charlotte. Using principles and tools that were practical, easy to understand and confidence boosting, she helped me perform at the highest level."

Gary Walker, Vice-President, J P Morgan


"The coaching was very useful. It was a real eye-opener. I have noticed real improvements in the quality of my meetings since the coaching. I can only recommend it."

Delphine Boillot, Sales and Marketing Executive, Jupiter Asset Management


"I only have positive things to say about my experience with Hugo. It gave me an instant boost of confidence. I will recommend you to my company as a whole."

Karen Frizzell, Headhunter, Russell Reynolds


"I have no hesitation in recommending the coaching and now insist that my Senior Management is coached by Charlotte."

Max Alexander, Director of Television, TalkTalk Group


"Hugo's enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement was superb. I am sure this will only help develop my confidence."

Phillipa Wilson, Senior Adviser, Q&E, Severn Trent Water Ltd


"I have worked with Charlotte McDougall during the past six years. Charlotte has supported me during the director and partner admissions process, including preparing for the panel interviews, and most recently she has coached me in preparation of a key note speech I delivered to the International Investment Funds Association.
It is extremely helpful that Charlotte understands the culture and requirements of PwC and professional services firms, but more importantly Charlotte is able to understand what works for you as an individual. She has an engaging and calm style that makes you feel completely at ease - you work hard but don't notice at the time because you're having fun! I have complete confidence in Charlotte's abilities and would happily recommend her to colleagues."

Mark Pugh, Partner, PwC


"I found the sessions extremely constructive. Packed with guidance and resulting in almost immediate improvement. Thanks to Hugo I now understand where I've been going wrong and now have some really practical skills to improve my clarity of message, impact and confidence."

Jeremy Epton, The Raven Group


"It was the most refreshing and valuable training that I have experienced. A real eye opener as to how others see me and why I need to improve my communication skills."

Jim Wood, ISMG, Unilever


"Whenever I have a big public speaking presentation to do I call Charlotte. It is amazing how she can take material I need to use and help me transform it into wonderful stories. She has also been a big help to my team - she draws out the best in everyone and gives them the confidence and body language they need to present well."

Susan Buchesky, Head of Corporate Marketing, Citi

"Charlotte's warm and energetic approach is contagious and she really helped me rethink how I communicate both in a public presentation and meeting context."

Stephanie Guerard-Milligan, Corporate Marketing Team, Citi


"Charlotte's impact training is extremely effective. She provides the right complement of theory and practice which really builds confidence. Her techniques were not only extremely valuable in my successful preparation for Director, but I continue to use them on a daily basis in my client work."

Katelyn Brown, Director, Deloitte

"I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the training has been invaluable in getting me through the promotion process."

Graham Dickson, Senior Manager, Deloitte


"The coaching has made a very positive improvement to my communication."

Laura Pelling, Manager, New Media, Thomson


"So many people took the trouble to come over and compliment me in person after my speech. They said it was very apparent that it came from the heart and was spoken with truth and humour."

Lisa Bartrip, Director, Barclays Capital


"Needless to say I am delighted with the promotion and I know that your coaching made a significant difference in getting me across the line, and more importantly for my future development and career success."

Rupert Alston, Director, Deloitte


"The training was very helpful and I will be looking to implement those skills I have learnt at every opportunity."

Nick Hides, Director, Barclays Capital


"I very much enjoyed the coaching sessions with Charlotte and the team. The sessions were fun and challenging and I have learned many tools and techniques for communicating with individuals and groups that will definitely make a positive difference to the way I work. I will be recommending the coaching to my colleagues and think it is invaluable no matter what stage they are in their careers."

Rowena Tin, Manager, Deloitte


"Bravo, bravo... How to Academy's 'be confident speaking in public' was brilliant. Three hours packed with ideas and effective teaching skills. A superb teacher and a must for anyone nervous about speaking in public."

Robin Hambro


"Thanks very much for a brilliant session on Tuesday. There were so many useful tips and techniques, and I was really pleased to be able to put some of them into practice at a presentation I made the very next day. I had feedback about two separate people having lightbulb moments during my talk (and one of them was my CEO), so I must have been doing something right!"

Alex Stevenson


"Hugo listened to what I wanted and then added extra value and helped shape objectives that exceeded my initial expectations. The delivery was timely, professional and excellent. I will use Hugo again and am very happy to recommend him to others."

Simon Britton, Brent Council


"Due to the business challenges we have faced over the last two years, communication with our key stakeholders has been critical ­ not only what we said but how we said it. Hugo has worked with our partners, directors and investment managers, enabling us to present our messages in a confident and insightful way, whether making our investor conference presentations more engaging and memorable or working with the team on our client relationship building techniques."

Hohn Arney, Managing Partner, Arle


"What a brilliant opportunity to develop a useful skill. This training day did wonders for my confidence. I now feel better equipped to carry out demonstrations and other client facing tasks. Hugo gave us some very specific pointers, mine being the content of my pitch, which I now find I am getting a much better response."

Christie's Auction House, Presenting with Impact, Group Session


"Edie is a brilliant coach and the session was energising, insightful and fun. I learned a lot about how I present myself and how I can improve how others perceive me. I loved how the session focused on being authentic and developing yourself, rather than the usual bland media training that seems to want to make everyone sound the same. I left feeling enthusiastic and more confident with some great new techniques and tips to take with me."

Sue McLeod Project Director, British American Project


"Edie is an excellent coach with endless experience, skills not to mention patience! After coaching with Edie I am now equipped with all the reporter skills I could possibly need."

Shaunagh Connaire, TV reporter


"Edie is passionate about communications and this shines through in her coaching. Her energy is infectious, producing great results. In short, Edie is a fantastic, flexible and incredibly effective coach."

John Baines, Area Manager, Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service


"You could really see a marked improvement in the presentations given by each of the participants by the end of the day. Hugo practised what he preached - he was an excellent communicator and his methods of teaching were very effective: it was helpful to watch recordings of each presentation with individual and group feedback - and the exercises that he gave us to do during the day were well thought out and produced results. It was also a very enjoyable course and everybody seemed to leave at the end of the day with increased confidence."

Christie's Auction House, Presenting with Impact, Group Session

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