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Making the right impact

People buy people, so we need to make sure that we are visible, memorable and in control of the impact we make.

But what often happens when we're meeting an important client, pitching for new business, making a speech or presentation - anywhere we feel in the spotlight or that we need to deliver - is that the confident, comfortable and engaging person that our friends recognise - can drain away to leave a drier, more corporate, less effective version of ourselves.

What we do is work with people - one-to-one or in small groups - so that they can communicate even the most technical material in an engaging and compelling way.   The aim being to make sure that whoever you are talking to – one client, 10 people at a meeting or 200 people - are hanging on your every word, rather than noticing how uncomfortable you might be feeling or even worse, switching off.

The coaching is fantastic for developing relationship building skills, leadership skills, delivering clear messages and of course being in control of the impact you make.  We all know how engaging and compelling we can be when we are feeling confident, comfortable and natural. We focus on how to recreate that in a pressured environment.

This is vital for stronger business relationships and directly affects whether people will ‘buy’ you.

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Many clients come with specific goals and we have an extremely high success rate of helping them attain their objectives:

  • Personal impact and presence.

  • Storytelling and memorable messaging.

  • Conference and keynote speaking. Investor presentations.

  • Leadership and interpersonal skills.

  • Developing new business – relationship and rapport building skills.

  • Preparing for promotion or interview - 95% of candidates are successful.

  • Pitching to a new client or investor - our work with pitch teams has resulted in many significant, high profile proposal wins.

  • Listening and empathy skills. Influencing skills.

  • Challenging meetings and difficult conversations.

  • Media training.

  • Individual coaching for specific behavioural change.

  • Fund managers going out to market and building their profile.


Duncan Scott,Managing Director,

Bank of America

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"I think I would say that the time with you was the best formal training I have ever received in any discipline."

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